Welcome to Dual Airconditioning!

Dual Airconditioning is a certified supplier of various top brands in the market for office, domestic and also industrial applications.

Our earthmoving air conditioning teams service supply and maintain a broad spectrum from draglines, dozers, haulers to overburden drills and many more on various mining sites.

We also supply atmospheric water generating machines and you are welcome to come and taste our water.

Visit us at 4 Spring street SAE Business Park near CTM Middelburg.

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Providing effective and quality air conditioning solutions.

Established in 1983, Dual today is one of the largest air conditioning maintenance and support providers in Mpumalanga & Gauteng.

Our vision is not to become the biggest but rather the best, most reputable provider of air conditioning solutions, focused on our client’s need.

We are also a BBEE Level 2 company.

Domestic Air conditioning

South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air conditioning Associate no: 3722
Housing; Office; Boardrooms; Containers; Servers; Auditoriums; Hospitals; Clinics; Retail stores; Malls etc.

We sell new inverter technology and our competent certified experienced technicians will provide your company with the highest quality workmanship.

4 Reasons why you should consider inverter units.

  • Eco friendly
    The inverter compressor has variable speed as the old school compressor is fixed meaning it operates at max or minimum speed whereas the new technology regulate the power accordingly and saving electricity.
  • Less noise
    Compressor doesn’t stop and start but keeps running at low power.
  • Money saver
    Sophisticated compressor does not work at full capacity and only use energy as required thus lower speed less energy less money.
  • Efficient heating and cooling
    Technology secures less output and more efficiency and extend the lifespan of the unit tremendously.

Air conditioning Earthmoving

Haulers; Dozers; Excavators; Graders; Water bowsers; Draglines; Drills; TLB’s; Cranes etc.


100% Safety record over 20 years in the mining industry!

Supply maintenance Services on Earthmoving equipment

DUAL have site specific vehicles & teams constantly responding to breakdowns or performing planned maintenance and services or new installations.

We support all types of earthmoving vehicles including mining suv’s and specialized refrigeration units for Draglines.

HVAC site specific vehicles & teams constantly responding to breakdowns or performing planned maintenance installations and services on all types of units and brands.

We also offer the newest technology and best quality at affordable pricing solutions.

After hours Emergency services – 24 hour standby

  • The Client is Priority
  • The Provision of Quality Service
  • Honesty and Transparency in all business dealings
  • Recognition of Individual Performance